Mini Hand Foam

For individual hand germ protection

Supernova Mini Hand Foam is an alcohol free, non-flammable, no rinse formulation that provides rapid, long lasting disinfection and biological cleanliness to busy hands on the move. Supernova is independently proven effective against 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Supernova Mini Hand Foam is suitable for individual use when soap and water are not available or when a higher level of hand sanitisation is required. Each 50ml Mini Hand Foam is ideally sized for pockets, brief cases, handbags, glove boxes, backpacks and office drawers, in short don’t leave home without it!


1 x 50ml

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  • Better Unlike alcohol hand products, Supernova’s alcohol free formulation kills more germ types.
  • Cost effective Can help save lives, time, money and labour by reducing the risk of cross infection.
  • Different Supernova is alcohol free (non-flammable), so it will not irritate the skin and goes on working long after hands have dried.


EN 1276 Bacteria, EN 1650 Fungi, EN 14476 Viruses.

For individual use, ideally sized for pockets, brief cases, handbags, glove boxes, backpacks and office drawers.

Up to 125 hand washes per 50ml.

Apply and rub onto hands. Allow hands to air dry. No water or rinsing required.

Allow product to work for minimum contact time:

  • EN 1276 Bacteria 1 min.
  • EN 1650 Fungi 1 min.
  • EN 14476 Viruses 1 min.

Benzalkonium Chloride 0.19g per 100g; Didecyldimethylammonium chloride 0.057g per 100g