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Hurricane Mobile Sanitising System

The Hurricane is a sanitising system that generates a force of air which transports finely atomised Supernova Surface Sanitising Solution across large areas on to surfaces and equipment. The Supernova solution settles on surfaces killing 99.9% of bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi on contact including Ebola, Clostridium difficile, MRSA and Norovirus.

Many of our customers are required to comply with the Choice Framework for local Policy and Procedures – Decontamination of Linen for Health and Social Care HTM0104 formerly CFPP 01-04 and the guidance for linen processors implementing BS EN 14065. The Hurricane Mobile Sanitising System helps them meet a crucial element of those guidelines quickly and efficiently.

The Hurricane Mobile Sanitising System is a unique, robust, adaptable solution which is designed for customers who need to reduce the possibility of infection through contact with surfaces and equipment in a variety of locations. The portable sanitising system is extremely easy to use, simply wheel the system to the desired location and push a button. The system will then sanitise everything within close proximity within seconds. The Hurricane mobile is used in hospitals for the deep cleaning of side rooms, sanitisation of public areas like lifts and toilets and the regular sanitising of critical environments like operating theatres and clinics. The flexibility and portability of the Hurricane Mobile delivers sanitising solutions where other options can not help.

• Dimensions: H 114cm x L 90cm x W 46cm
• Weight: 119kg
• Available in 24 volt dc and 240 volt ac

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